Monday, December 18

How to activate dark mode in Chrome & any Browser in Android

Hello guys...
In this post, I will show you 'how to make dark mode in any Browser'. You don't need to download any apps and it's not any hacks, it's just a tricks with your phone But your phone must be running Android version 6+

1-first go to settings on your phone and scroll down you'll see accessibility option, click on it.

2-now scroll down again in accessibility option you'll see color inversion option there.

3-and now you have to activate colour inversion mode by click on it. Your phone will convert in negative mode...

Simply now open your any browser in your phone and enjoy the dark mode.....

Injoy this look
Note: this tricks is only for the text browsing not for the photos otherwise your photos will be Seen as negative photos...
                                             Thank you!!

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