Friday, February 16

what is HDD and SSD? and which one better ?

Did you know about hard disk drive(HDD) and solid-state drive(SSD) ??
if you thinking about buying a new hard drive than in this post i will tell you which is the best for you in details. so let's begin..........
There is not a exact answer about which is the best because it depends on your preference and budgets. so choice is yours...

soo here is some reason to buy a HDD...

1) if your budget is low and if you want more storage than HDD is best for you.

2) it's size is little more bigger than SSD but it can store more data than SSD.

3) it comes with 5400 or 7200 RPM(revolutions per minute) so it is pretty faster...

so now talk about SSD...

here is some reason to buy a SSD....

1) it comes with small size but also with small storage.

2) there is low chances of loss data than HDD.

3) it is faster than HDD and small in size.
(and on thing SSD is expensive than HDD)

these are some tips and specification of buying a hard disk for your computer and now choice is yours and go on.

my recommend; go for SSD, if you have enough budget.


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