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If You do not yet know what the IP address is then this is for you...

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What is IP Address ??

Internet Protocol Address or IP address is a unique address of every device wich is connected to the network such as Computers, Printers, Smartphones to send data to a particular device on the network and they use the Internet Protocol for communication which are there.

now, let's know what is Internet Protocol(IP) ??

This is a method or protocol, through which data is sent from one device to another on the Internet.
Every device which is connected to the network must have a unique IP Address. Without your device's unique address, you can't communicate with other devices, other users and other computers on the Internet. IP address are made of Binary values and routing all the data over the Internet.

IP Address Standards :

There are 2 standard IP addresses used on any network;

1) IP version 4 (IPv4):

This is the 4th version of Internet Protocol (IP) which is used to identify network devices. IPv4 are 32 bits long and support 4,294,967,296 addresses (through many of them are reserved for specified purposes, such as and
192.768.0.1 this is a common example of an IPv4 address. the most easily identifiable IP ranges are -, because these addresses we use at home or office.

2) IP version 6 (IPv6):

A new version of Internet Protocol version 6 was developed because of the worsening IPv4 addressing potential future due to the popular Internet growth.
Internet Protocol version 6 is 128 bits long and it's supports so many addresses which is equal to, 340.282.366.920.938. these are many addresses and they are more than enough to continue Internet opration for a very long time.

What is Public and Private IP Addresses??

Private IP Addresses:

When many computers or devices connect to the cable or to the wireless, they create private network. Within this network, a unique IP address is assigned to share files and resources to each device. The IP address of all the devices in this network is called private address.

Public IP Addresses:

The public IP address is that, which ISP(Internet Service Provider) gives. This gives your home network an identify in the outside world and this IP address is unique across the Internet.
public IP address can be Static or Dynamic.
Static public IP address does not change and it is primarily used to access a service on the Internet such as an IP camera, FTP, email server, or to take remote access to the computer or used to web hosting. it has to be bought from ISP.
And the Dynamic IP address receives the IP address available and changes every time when connected to the Internet. The maximum Internet user has a Dynamic IP address for his computer which is disconnected when disconnect from the Internet and gets a new IP address when reconnected.

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Wednesday, April 25


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If you have a smartphone, then you must read this article. Like computers, smartphone also have many problems with security. Viruses can attack computers as well as smartphones. IPhone is considered more secure than Android smartphones. But every smartphone has the same danger.

So guys i am going to tall you about 5 such methods in this article so let's begin...........

Easy Tips For Secure Your Mobile ::

1) Update Operating system :

Today most of the Android users don't update their smartphone, This is a very big mistake that almost everyone does. If you don't update your phone then your phone can easily get affected by the virus and it get slower.

2) Lock your smartphone :

Locking the phone is very easy but many people keep the normal swipe lock on their phone. it is very important to lock the phone, This not only protects your phone against virus but also protects it from other people. If you don't lock your phone then anyone can access your phone and can clutter with your imp data.

3) Encryption :

Encryption also plays a big role in securing the phone so Encrypt your's storage. your phone contains E-mails, contacts, financial apps just as important data. If your phone is lost or stolen you will not want to have any information you need in the wrong hands. So keep Encrypting your phone's storage. If your phone goes to someone hands, then your data will be perfectly secure.

4) Scan your smartphone :

all of you know that nowadays the Virus come easily in the phone. To avoid this , keep scanning your phone time to time. Many times Google has also got virus in the play store so please scan the applications before installed and download apps only from the Google play store, don't download with any other source.

5) Don't Root your phone :

sometime the Android users Root their phone for extreme uses but doing this ends the phone's security and don't get updates frome the company. So don't do that at all.

So guys....,
These were top 5 easy tips that you can secure your smartphone by following, ihope you loke this article.

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