Friday, August 10

PIE - Android 9 has launched with AI features...

Finally Google's latest Android update has arrived. and it's name is Android PIE. Android Pie's main focus is on AI(artificial intelligence). Android Pie is now available for pixel devices.
Pie will learn you by AI and use your data for better experience. Android Pie is arrived with some new features. one is brightness improver called 'Adaptive Brightness' and other is for improve battery life called 'Adaptive Battery'. these features will definitely improve your device's brightness and battery consumption by past usages information.

Some new Android PIE features...

1) New navigational Gestures :

Android's take on the features seems at little more refined like Iphone. you can see a small slim dash at bottom as home button, and when you slide up from it your recent apps appears with full screen preview that you can open through. recent apps will open with horizontal view that gives you more than just full screen view of your recently used apps. in this preview you can copy text from one app to paste another with quick text selection mode.

2) App action : 

Android Pie actions are based on your particular patterns that how you use your phone. your all application usages will notice by software and it will automatically suggest you next action when once you do same action twice. example : if you plug earphone to your phone, android might suggest that you resume listening to the last song you were playing.

3) Smarter battery usage :

As i told you earlier about Adaptive battery & brightness, Pie wants to make sure all apps don't get an equal battery consumption because not all apps on your phone deserve equal time of usages.
Adaptive battery features decides which apps can use the power based on the ones you use the most rarely used apps get limited battery access. which can save your battery on your phone and the same method used on Adaptive brightness.

4) Digital wellbeing :

Google is now adding a feature that designed to get you spend less time on android devices. Android Pie's wellbeing want to make the time that you spend at a phone screen more meaningful. This feature collects data like how many times you unlock your phone, how much time spend on particular apps and how many notifications your are getting, so the android use that data to modify your behaviour. you can use a new app to set limitations on how long you can use a particular app, the phone will notify you when your alloted time is running out and the app's icon will convert in to gray once time expires. in that way you will know when you need to focus on other things.

And you can also find these updated features :
  1. Do not disturb improvements 
  2. Better notification management 
  3. screenshot improvements 
  4. A smart display
  5. Rotation controls
  6. Better volume controls
  7. Interactive recent apps

Now the updates are only for google pixel phone and will be available for more devices...

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Saturday, August 4

POPULAR MOBILE APP "MUSICAL.LY" NOW TURN IN TO "TIKTOK" APP the short video making app is now no longer available. it has change in to the TikTok app and all the users has been migrate on to TikTok. was the chinese social app which allowed users to create and share short dancing & singing with lip syncing to their favourite songs. users could create 15 seconds to 1 minuets long video with fast and slow motion with pre set effects. users also could live broadcast and also find trending songs and hashtag option on this app.
The app reached over the 200 million of users is now replace by TikTok app. was acquired by a chinese company ByteDance in november 2017, and now the company finally replace the app in tiktok.
it'll be interesting to see how users will react to these change. if you are a user plzz comment below....

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Wednesday, July 25


Google chrome marks all the non HTTPS(hypertext transfer protocol for secure) servers/websites as not secure, with release of Chrome 68. 

If your Google Chrome is showing not secure on the top left corner while visiting any website, it means the connection is not secure, because there is no SSL(secure sockets layer) certificates to encrypt your connection between your computer and website's server. that means anything you are sending to a non HTTPS  connection is in clear text, like your password or your payment card information. In this case, hackers can stole your data.

If you also have a website then HTTPS connection is best for you and everyone who visits your website. But if you do not yet have HTTPS connection on your website then the not secure warning is going to scare your visitors.
And do not worry , if you want enable HTTPS on your website then Google also published a tutorial about How to enable HTTPS on your servers ? you can check it out....

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Monday, July 16


YouTube is a platform where many creator upload their creativity as a video. but not everyone is a creator in youtube, someone wants to download that videos for offline. so if you are also want to download the youtube videos for only offline and don't know how how to download then here is some applications which helps you to download the video from youtube. 

Note : download videos from youtube and reuse them is not allowed, you can download only for watch offline.

YouTube video downloader apps :

1) TubeMate : Download

TubeMate is a most popular application for download youtube videos, it also helps to download and other website's videos like Facebook, DailyMotion, Vimeo etc. you can download play all types of videos even you can download mp3 song from any video and you can choose resolution before download a video. so if you are searching for a popular application for download any website's videos then TubeMate is best for you. 

2) NewPipe : download

This app is the best application for download YouTube videos because of it's interface, its look like same as YouTube and you can also watch online videos same like YouTube. i want tell you that this app is most advanced app of this list. you can download any kind of videos from youtube, you can also play and download a video in background as mp3, also you can create playlist for songs, you can choose resolution before download a video. this is all in one application for YouTube.

3) Vidmate : Download

This app is one of the best known application for download videos and songs from online. you can download videos from youtube, facebook, instagram, vimeo, dailymotion and many other websites. even you can download 18+ only videos from this application. this application also let you choose resolution before download a video.

4) KeepVid : Download

This app is easy and fast video downloader from youtube, vimeo, dailymotion and other video sites. you can also watch and download videos with subtitles(if available) on full HD resolutions, also you can download mp3 with this application. you also get a PC version of this application.

5) YT3 youtube downloader : Download

This app is easy and normal app to download youtube videos, you need to search video for download and you can copy and paste the video link. there is only three option you get on this app, mp3 for download audio file, mp4 for video and preview for watch online(you can change the video resolution HD and 3gp on settings).

These are the most downloaded application which helps you to download videos from youtube and other video sites. 

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Sunday, June 24

Download GHD Sports Apk 2018 [Free Sports Live Streaming App]

main features:

The latest and updated version of GHD Sports 2018 APK has  cool features pre-loaded in it.
  • GHD Sports provides Live Sports from all over the world.
  • Special Cricket coverage by providing the links to all Live on-going matches.
  • Extensive HD quality Football broadcasting channels lists.
  • All paid channels can be viewed for free.
  • Beside Live TV Streaming the GHD Sports APP provides Live Scores.
  • This update brings Schedule, News, Currency and Download options as well.

You can download GHD Sports Apk 2018 from the link given in this step by step guide.

Download GHD Sports  APK 2018:
Download the GHD Sports Apk from the link given below.

-Make sure that you have unknown source installation enabled on your Android device.

-If not, Head to Settings > Privacy > Unknown Source > and enable it.

-Once done, now head over to the download folder on your device.

-Locate the GHD Sports Apk file and tap on it.

-Now follow the on-screen instructions in order to go through with the installation process.

-It will take few seconds to Install, Once done, head over to the app drawer and Tap on the GHD Sports Icon.

Enjoy the app.


Wednesday, June 20

Things to know before start a YouTube channel successfully !!!

This time, there are so many creator are making videos and uploading in YouTube. and you can see many channel on YouTube. In this situation if you are trying or thinking about become a YouTuber than it may so tough for you so there is so many things to know before start a channel.
So in this article i'm going to tell about some topic that you need to care about before start a new YouTube channel.

1- Your Talent/Passion :

First of all you need to know about your talent that you  make videos for youtube. so if you make videos with your talent than you don't need to search for content and you can also upload regular videos on youtube, that means some day you're going to popular. but, if you are making videos on other's content or copying someone you'll never get success on youtube.

2- Components & support :

And the second thing is your components. i mean, if you got your talent and if you can make videos now than you need some components for start the process. For make videos first you need a camera and may be a mic(it's depend on your content) for record video. i know it just startup we can't afford a DSLR camera so we can use our smartphone as a camera and if you need mic than you can use your earphone as a mic. that's it.., our components are all set. you can upgrade your all components with growing up youtube..
let's talk about support, first.. you need your family's support it helps you most.

3- Quality/regularity :

now, if you get your family support than its time to upload some videos on youtube. but you need to care about video quality. because the views and traffic are depend on video quality. if your video quality is better then you'll get more views on your video.

4- Interaction :

I know now you are getting some views on your videos and also some comments. but never ignore that comments because if you are getting comments it means people are telling your some mistakes, some people are giving you suggestion. so you need to reply them. this method will connect your channel with people.

So these are most important topic that you need to care before start youtube carrier.
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