Sunday, August 20

How To Make Your Android Look like An iPhone (Without Root)

Hello all of you !! I'm going to share some very useful application that will help you to transform your android into IOS, so go through the post to discover the app.. Many people can't afford the iPhone because it has a heavier price than don't worry, I'm discussing about how to make android look like iPhone..
So if you are the Android user who wants to convert android into IOS than there are some apps for you...

Updated for iPhone X;

Smartphone upgrader for 2017:

This app is for change your Android in to the latest iOS version iPhone X. It is very helpful app if you want to convert your Android into iPhone X..

This app is also helpful for convert your Android into iPhone X as previous app. But this will fully hide your notification bar.

Note: these 2 apps are only suitable for iPhone X. You can try another apps for ful setup which are given below....

I launcher:
It's look like IOS home screen with many customization options. It will make you feel your phone has become different and you are actually having a brand new phone.... Some feature of this launcher are given below...
  • Delicate animation
  • Long press on an icon to edit
  • Swipe down to search
  • Overlap icons to make a folder
  • Smooth scrolling
  • 5 icon in one row

One launcher:

This is the another most popular android app for set up iPhone OS. It is one of the easy to use launcher and it will help you to make your Android  phone to like iPhone. it has also some feature like i launcher are given below...
  • Smooth scrolling
  • Long press on an icon to edit and uninstall the app
  • Swipe down to search
  • Swipe up to customise the setting

These launchers help you make your phone's home screen look like iPhone and if you want customise more than you can try these application given below :


this application is for your control panel it will help you to customise your control panel like iphone OS and it will open from bottom of your phone same like as a iphone...

this application is for you messageing experience which is same as like iphone. It is all emoji supportable and you can also change the custom bubble themes.

this application is for customize your dialer. It's very easy to understand user interface, it will also replace the old calling screen with like iPhone dialer. And you can customize the theme what you like....


this application is for lock your Android phones screen with iPhone style. You can set pin with keypad lock to enable lock screen otherwise it will open by slide, and you can also avoid home,menu & back key. It is secure lock screen with iPhone style...

This is the full setup for change your Android's looks into iPhone.


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