Tuesday, February 20

T0p 5 myths about technology [TECH MYTH]

Technology is growing rapidly over time, In which all of us are connected in some way. Most people like to know new things about technology but there are many misconceptions related technology that we have been listening since childhood and we think that is true, but in realty it is just a myth.
So in this post i will tell you some MYTHS about technology... 
Let's begin......,

1) Refresh in computer::

You may have seen many people(even you) when they start the computer and start refreshing the computer after booting, and they think this will make our computer work faster but this is only a misconception. By refreshing the computer it doesn't work fast, the refresh option is only for the re-displays icon in the screen.

2) No virus in Mac::

Many computer users think that there are no virus in Apple's computer and it's also a big misconception. But it's true that Mac have less virus attacks than windows and the windows operating system is more than Mac operating system.

3) Camera Megapixels::

Whenever we talk about the camera, the camera's megapixel is very important, and many people believe that if camera megapixel is high than quality is as good. it is a misconception and not the truth. the quality of the camera isn't only depend on megapixel but there are many other things like camera aperture, sensor, ISO, hardware etc..

4) Charging a phone hole night::

many mobile user think that battery will damage if a mobile leave charging for all night, but it is also people's misconception because in this time every mobile phone comes with auto cut off feature when battery full charged.

5) Private mode in browesr::

In every browser there was a private browsing or incognito mode feature. many people think, by using that feature no one can able to trace them, but it is just a myth. because after using private browsing mode you can be trace and your internet service provider can see your activity.

5) Mobile network strength::

Most of smartphone users even we detect our connectivity strength by looking at out smartphone's network bar and we understand that the more often the better network but this is not truth. the network given in the smartphone show the distance of the tower.

6) Smartphone causes cancer::

The use of smartphones doesn't lead to cancer, A lot of smartphone users understand that there os cancer due to use of smartphones, but it is only a misconception. many times it has researched but there is nothing about worrying about it. so you can use the smartphone without fear. 

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