VPN(virtual private network) is a network technology which creates a secure network on the public network, such as the internet or provide private network. like big corporations, educational institutions and government agencies use VPN technology to remote users to connect their private network to securely connect. 


here are two main technologies, each can be used to create a VPN connections, which transmits data securely and reliably on the public network. it is encryption and tunneling.

ENCRYPTION : In simple words as you know scrambling data that only recipient can understand what you have sent and it seems to be useless and meaningless to others.

TUNNELING : creating a tunnel on the public network where the entire packet is transmitted to the public network in another packet. the encapsulating protocol is selected in such way that data are transmitted while other computers or network devices on the public network can't understand.


the VPN split on the basis of architecture, purpose of use and accessibility. 

1) PPTP VPN : point-to-point protocol, this is technology that is used to creat VPN. PPTP does not encrypt data but it only tunnels and encrypts the data packets.

2) SITE-TO-SITE VPN : excluding just one thing, site-to-site VPN is almost like PPTP, it doesn't have any dedicated line usages. it include different sites for the same organization in which each one has its own network. it just connect together to create a VPN, which can be based on a hardware or software.

3) IPSec : this is a trusted protocol, which sets the tunnel on the central site from remote site. like its name, it has been designed for IP traffic. IPSec requires expensive, time consuming client installations and this is why it is considered as the biggest disadvantage.

many security protocols have been developed in VPN, each of which offers different security and features. some of these protocols are used more often::

  • IPSec(IP security)
  • PPTP
  • SSL(secure sockets layer
  • TLS(transport layer security)
  • secure shell
  • open VPN

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