-Does Facebook knows what we talk about in messaging? 
-Can anyone read the chat that we have deleted? 
-Can we visit the website that can be the form of Advertisement for anyone?

These questions is now focused on the debate of 'privacy' in the context. if you have a question like this than this article is for you.....
some relevance is based on such debate in Facebook.
Did Facebook keeps our data? if yes then what it use for? is Facebook sell our data? and how it protect our data?
Facebook has tried to improve it's privacy policy and some facts have also come out to solve the user's query.
what is our statistics with Facebook and what data has Google collected from us?
and now i want to share some information here to remove your all query.
so let's begin....


  • If you use Google map than Google collects all it's statistics. The use of Google maps is increasing to reach the place where you don't know. You can easy to reach on destination by using the map on your phone, But all the history is collected by Google and the more complicated to understand that statistics is for why? you can see your all places you visit by click on this link:

  • Google also keeps it in it's database including the user's search history, even that history & data also remains in the database if the user delete his search history. you can check all your history by clicking on this link:

  • Which apps have access to the user in their browser, which extensions are there for that browser? Google also store these all information. Additionally what types of applications do user use for ? Facebook also keep this information. click on this link to see your information about this::

  • Google also collects information about all the searches and videos that user has watched on the YouTube. You can forgot about what you watch on the YouTube but Google doesn't forgot that.

  • Google also has the ability to download all information collected by a user. you can download all the information that Google collects or may only download the details you like. if someone gets access to your these information can find out what kind of people you are. all these information can be downloaded by visiting this link::

Google has said that all this information about the user is used for advertising.

Now let's talk about Facebook, because nowadays who has the internet, there is a chance that he/she is a Facebook user. So Facebook has the more information about the user.

  • User's all phone numbers and email addresses is also collected by Facebook.
  • Facebook create the database about user's likes & dislikes and every activity on the phone.
  • Facebook also knows about which phone is you are using, how often you spend time on the Facebook, what apps you are using.

  • You can also download all your data to know what your's information is with Facebook. for download your data go to your Facebook's setting menu, then scroll down and you can see download a copy option click on it. and after sometimes the download link will received on your email then download the data. you can found all your uploaded photo and video even you will found there deleted messages.

All this information about you, are used for advertising to show you with your choice.

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