what is web host or web hosting?

web hosting is called the storage on which an organization or you and your websites files in and from, so that the website data can be accessed by all through the domain name. 
web hosts require a domain name to access data on your website. so, most hosting providers also sell domain names.

hosting providers offer many types of hosting plans, which are in accordance with the different demand. there is less web space and bandwidth plans for a personal website and more web space and bandwidth are offered for the business website.

so let's begin..
how many types of hosting are and what is it makes them different from each other.

types of hosting


many websites in this web hosting are serviced on the same server and they share system resources among themselves so that the expenses of the hosting can be reduced by dividing the cost of the server. 
so spending in shared hosting is shared among many customers and you have to pay for hosting, that's why it is considered as the cheapest and best hosting for personal blogs and business websites.
but there are some disadvantages such as slowing or not loading due to any other websites on your websites, although this is very rare.


all system resources, such as server, storage and bandwidth are provided in dedicated hosting only for your website. your server is not shared for any other user's website, which is why it costs more and you have to pay more for a dedicated hosting.
these hosting is good for those websites, who require more system resources and need additional security level. (like facebook, twitter) which many people visit that website.


these web hosting is for advanced users who want to install particular script or application on the server. also those who want full access to their installed programs.
like shared hosting, web space and servers are shared with many websites but fewer than shared hosting are saved on one server.


as the name suggest, the reseller..., which can be sold again and sell many people in the web space taken in it. even you can become a web hosting provider yourself. these web hosting is good for those web masters, who create many websites and manage them within the same control panel.


nowadays , many hosting providers also offer free web spaces.in which limited bandwidth and space is given in which you can create a simple html website.
these offers are offered to attract new customers so that you can get their hosting trials and buy them with an upgraded plan when creating a complex or heavy website.
some hosting providers offer free sub domains too, some even allow your custom domain name to be used. like 'yourdomain.webhosting.com'
you can get these hosting trials for the 4 or 5 pages website. but there are some disadvantages as well, like slow loading, limited space and bandwidth, multi time website crashes, or some popups like advertising may have to face.


this is a new type of hosting in which a website and its contents arte saved on many servers so that the website's data is accessible to the low loaded user's nearest server. so it does not load much on the same server and the website and it loads quickly and without crashing on the user's computer.
suppose a server is in the US and it's second server is in china. now if indian user accesses that website then the website will be loaded from china's server so that speed of the website remains faster.

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