Things to know before start a YouTube channel !!!

This time, there are so many creator are making videos and uploading in YouTube. and you can see many channel on YouTube. In this situation if you are trying or thinking about become a YouTuber than it may so tough for you so there is so many things to know before start a channel.
So in this article i'm going to tell about some topic that you need to care about before start a new YouTube channel.

1- Your Talent/Passion :

First of all you need to know about your talent that you  make videos for youtube. so if you make videos with your talent than you don't need to search for content and you can also upload regular videos on youtube, that means some day you're going to popular. but, if you are making videos on other's content or copying someone you'll never get success on youtube.

2- Components & support :

And the second thing is your components. i mean, if you got your talent and if you can make videos now than you need some components for start the process. For make videos first you need a camera and may be a mic(it's depend on your content) for record video. i know it just startup we can't afford a DSLR camera so we can use our smartphone as a camera and if you need mic than you can use your earphone as a mic. that's it.., our components are all set. you can upgrade your all components with growing up youtube..
let's talk about support, first.. you need your family's support it helps you most.

3- Quality/regularity :

now, if you get your family support than its time to upload some videos on youtube. but you need to care about video quality. because the views and traffic are depend on video quality. if your video quality is better then you'll get more views on your video.

4- Interaction :

I know now you are getting some views on your videos and also some comments. but never ignore that comments because if you are getting comments it means people are telling your some mistakes, some people are giving you suggestion. so you need to reply them. this method will connect your channel with people.

So these are most important topic that you need to care before start youtube carrier.
i hope you like this article.

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