PIE - Android 9 has launched with AI features...

Finally Google's latest Android update has arrived. and it's name is Android PIE. Android Pie's main focus is on AI(artificial intelligence). Android Pie is now available for pixel devices.
Pie will learn you by AI and use your data for better experience. Android Pie is arrived with some new features. one is brightness improver called 'Adaptive Brightness' and other is for improve battery life called 'Adaptive Battery'. these features will definitely improve your device's brightness and battery consumption by past usages information.
android pie

Some new Android PIE features...

1) New navigational Gestures :

Android's take on the features seems at little more refined like Iphone. you can see a small slim dash at bottom as home button, and when you slide up from it your recent apps appears with full screen preview that you can open through. recent apps will open with horizontal view that gives you more than just full screen view of your recently used apps. in this preview you can copy text from one app to paste another with quick text selection mode.

2) App action : 

Android Pie actions are based on your particular patterns that how you use your phone. your all application usages will notice by software and it will automatically suggest you next action when once you do same action twice. example : if you plug earphone to your phone, android might suggest that you resume listening to the last song you were playing.

3) Smarter battery usage :

As i told you earlier about Adaptive battery & brightness, Pie wants to make sure all apps don't get an equal battery consumption because not all apps on your phone deserve equal time of usages.
Adaptive battery features decides which apps can use the power based on the ones you use the most rarely used apps get limited battery access. which can save your battery on your phone and the same method used on Adaptive brightness.

4) Digital wellbeing :

Google is now adding a feature that designed to get you spend less time on android devices. Android Pie's wellbeing want to make the time that you spend at a phone screen more meaningful. This feature collects data like how many times you unlock your phone, how much time spend on particular apps and how many notifications your are getting, so the android use that data to modify your behaviour. you can use a new app to set limitations on how long you can use a particular app, the phone will notify you when your alloted time is running out and the app's icon will convert in to gray once time expires. in that way you will know when you need to focus on other things.

And you can also find these updated features :
  1. Do not disturb improvements 
  2. Better notification management 
  3. screenshot improvements 
  4. A smart display
  5. Rotation controls
  6. Better volume controls
  7. Interactive recent apps

Now the updates are only for google pixel phone and will be available for more devices...

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