Wednesday, August 22

PUBG Mobile Season 3, New Features, Map and Weapons....

PUBG : player unknowns battlegrounds Mobile, one of the most popular game right now and Recently with the announcement of PUBG Mobile Lite the game is ready to run also on low-end mobile as well.
It's seasonal ranking system makes more fun. It keeps player better in order to gain a higher ranking and collects rewards. 
PUBG season 3 was expected to take place season on 22nd august 2018 and it's already started. Royal ends on august 19 and after that players can't enter the Royal pass services, can't redeem prizes and RP points also.
A new update has been also released for the ne fixes.

PUBG Mobile season 3 new expected features :

New Map :

Developers have released a new map with every new season update and expecting this trend, the "Sonhok" which has been available on the PC version also expected for the Mobile version of the as well. and you can found these map on the chinese beta version which is already released on that version.

New Weapons & vehicles :

The SLR rifle is the most expected weapon for this season, which uses 7.62mm Ammo, and now its available after update. And the interesting this is the Flare Gun, with this gun you can get a bullet proof truck and a airdrop its depend where you are. if you are out of the circle then you will get bulletproof truck and if you are in the circle then you will get the drop and remember for get these things you need to shoot on the sky with this gun.

Others minors features :

  • New Lobby
  • AKM skin
  • You have to pay for for Royal pass(cons)
  • You will get a new map also for training soon
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