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Are Antivirus App Really Need For Android Or Not?

If you have a smartphone then obviously you have been listen about antivirus app. and i know i don't need to explain about this. so if you are thinking about installing a antivirus app on your smartphone then first you need to know about do you really need an antivirus app for your smartphone ? and in this article i'm going to tell you about this.
Are Antivirus App Really Need For Android?

if we talk about before then an antivirus app is necessary for smartphones and for PC. but now we all know that smartphone is already smart it's actually don't need an antivirus in case if you are a normal user. 

In almost every case smartphone don't need any kind of antivirus app, but if you are installing apps outside from google play store then installing an antivirus app is ane way to keep you safe. remember that 'the third party application can be a problem for your smartphone and you'

And the main thing if you are thinking about an antivirus will protect you from viruses then you may wrong because antivirus won't protect from all viruses it's may help you to detect the viruses. and you can detect viruses manually by your smartphone's behaviour. so if your device is doing unexpected thing and it's getting too much slower than before then you can factory reset to you phone and remember that you need to back up all your data before reset your device.

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